Manicures As everyone loves, pampering, manicures are a perfect gift for festive occasions and the holiday season. It’s real thoughtful and easy way to indulge someone without spending a lot of money. Manicures are fingernails and hands beauty treatment that consists of filing, shaping of the free edged, hand massage and polish application. There are manicures specialty services for the hand which can be done by soaking of softening substance and application of lotion. Other nail treatments also include the application of acrylics, artificial nail gels, nail tips, imitation jewels or small decals.

Time and again, pedicures are a beauty ritual to keep your feet looking its best. If you want to pamper yourself without breaking the bank, go indulge yourself with pedicures. It will lift your spirit and rejuvenate your entire body. In addition to the typical grooming of your feet, you can also try other options depending on the kind of treatment you want. For example, if you have tried hot rock therapy in a regular massage and loved it, your feet will surely enjoy it just as much. This will add a relaxing touch to your pedicures, but if you haven’t tried it before see what the fuss is all about.

Prices may vary if waxing is customized for your specific needs.

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